Propona is a Microsoft Partner company providing high quality software development and consultancy services from our Cardiff base. We prefer to work with the latest Microsoft technologies (Azure, Azure DevOps, Azure SQL, .NET Core, etc.) but are also more than happy to support and/ or migrate projects of a legacy technological basis. Propona expertise extends wider than the purely technological, however, to all facets of the software development project lifecycle from requirements analysis through to testing and ongoing support. Or to leading teams through projects in the form of team leadership, project management or scrum mastery. In fact, Agile methodologies and the Scrum framework is a particular speciality if your Scrum team could benefit from resources in this area.

    Propona has a proven track record since 2001 in delivering services and solutions to a broad range of public and private sector clients in South Wales, throughout the UK and abroad. Like our clients, our hundreds of successful projects have been varied. Formerly, Propona were basically a ‘software house’ – we’d go through the quote – tender – delivery process for projects of various sizes. Never say never but we haven’t done this for some time, rather providing services on a ‘time and materials’ basis, e.g. a freelance developer or Scrum Master for x hours per week or for the duration of a specific project. Thus, our aim is to augment your own delivery team rather than to provide it in its entirety. Therefore, today Propona’s services can be considered to fall in two overlapping categories:

    • SMILE Project (Cardiff University)

      We are getting some really positive comments on the website - we had a stakeholders meeting in Cardiff yesterday and a fair few were green with envy!
      (Simon Moore)

    • Procureweb (Cardiff University)

      Chris and his team at Propona provided excellent Customer Service, Project Delivery and Technical Expertise. It was a positive experience working together.
      (Nathan Skidmore)

    • PMPMidWales

      All the staff at Propona were very helpful in advising, extending their knowledge and expertise. Propona is a good company to work with and they are always just an email away. Thank you Propona. (Peter Price)

    • BBC Northern Ireland - Elections

      The controller paid tribute to the election output at today's leadership group meeting. She was delighted with the ... quality of the stories, guests, graphics and on-line services. (Michael Cairns)

    • Careers Wales Cardiff & the Vale

      We were very pleased with the quality of the work that you did for us, in particular how quickly you grasped the concept of what we wanted to achieve and how thorough you were.
      (Rita Deegan)

    • Training Services Wales

      May I say on behalf of the team at TSW - how much we have appreciated your help and co-operation throughout the experience of getting our new website up and running.
      (Jan Sainsbury)

    • RUMM (University of Glamorgan)

      To say I'm impressed is an understatement! Your work ethic has been exceptional, so rest assured where project work arises Propona will be right at the front of the line for our business. (Jamie Watkins)

    • POPAT

      I am personally stimulated and rewarded by your content management tool, which has allowed me to present our site in a form that is well beyond my abilities.
      (George Jenkins)

    • 3 For A Girl

      The feedback we are getting is very, very positive about the construction, feel and navigation of the site.
      (Corrie Williams)


    Propona will provide consultancy on the full range of IT project lifecycle activities enabling our clients to utilise areas of Propona's expertise inside or outside of the context of a software development project. This may include both Microsoft technology specific services, for example ASP.NET development resources, but also technology agnostic activities such as requirements analysis or Agile coaching. [more on our consultancy services]

    Cloud Services

    A significant component of our day to day business is providing support of existing software applications, typically database driven websites built on Microsoft technologies but not necessarily so, and not necessarily originally developed by Propona either. Our support service is normally delivered under a Service Level Agreement to guarantee a certain number of hours of monthly support/ developer availability within a maximum response time. [more on our support services]

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